Editing & Copywriting

"How do I find the right words to tell my story?” You're far from the only business owner to struggle with this. Whether it involves product descriptions, operating processes, instruction manuals, or web copy ... we can add structure to your message and communicate it clearly, so you can take it from there.

Creating well-structured content, together

Like any other business owner, we know how difficult it is to clearly define what you want to achieve and why. And what about the things you don't want? Once these questions have been answered, you can start thinking about how to communicate that message in a way that resonates with people—whether on paper or online.

Why not let us help? We’ll ask the hard questions and make sure everything becomes clear. After that, we sift through all the information, separating and rearranging until we find the core message. From there, we'll write the texts you need—whether for online use, such as a website or blog, or for a flyer and other hardcopy. And because we know exactly what you want and what you offer, we can also offer advice about the next step to take.

Editing existing material

Some customers have clearly defined ideas about what the text should look like. They'll often have draft outlines, comparable documents (possibly in a different language), or longer texts that need to be trimmed down to size. Nevertheless, different situations require different types of texts. Would a product description make a suitable press release? Would a condensed manual make good web copy? Usually, the answer is "no". After all, each of these media require their own, unique style and tone of voice. They also often have to meet different technical specifications, like SEO, length restrictions, existing layout, et cetera.

However, “recycling” existing copy often proves a very time-efficient method. We'd be happy to go through your current texts with you to see which are suitable for rewriting or adaptation.

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