Businesses around the world put a lot of time and energy into developing a user-friendly, top-quality product with a great look and feel. But when it comes to writing and translating a user manual and product documentation, many companies throw in the towel. That's a real shame! After all, that brochure or manual is crucial when it comes to creating a positive user experience. Why pass up on so many opportunities for good copy?

Many companies develop beautiful new and innovative products. But most developers, designers, and manufacturers don't have the skills to write or translate manuals and other product documentation. In addition, many content managers and technical writers see the translation process as some kind of black box: you put something in, and if all goes well, you get something out on the other side. If the results don't meet the expectations, that can lead to lots of frustration, more work, and higher costs. In most cases, by simply making minor changes to their own texts, documents, and processes, much better end-results can be achieved, with less frustration and fewer correction rounds.

Consultancy and support 

Vitext can help companies improve their international documentation, raising it to the same level of quality as their products and services. We sit down together and work with you to find the answer to questions like:

  • Which texts need to be translated and which don't?
  • How do you structure documents to be clear and concise?
  • When writing documents, what factors do you need to bear in mind to ensure quick and cost-effective quality translations?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained 

During the first informal meeting, the idea is to get an overall picture of the customer’s needs, company processes and issues. If you feel we can help, we'll take a closer look at the entire process—from conception to publication—and provide an overview of potential quick wins and point out possible areas for improvement. This enables us to find the best solution for all stakeholders involved.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us for an informal chat!

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