Help, the Robots Are Coming!

Self-driving cars, automated milking machines, and care-bots are the talk of the town. Even the government is talking about how the robots are coming. Writers too are no longer immune to the invasion! In the early 1990s, translators found themselves at about the same stage as copywriters are nowadays. While computers and spell check had made their way into everyday life, that was about as far as automation went. However, over the past few years, the translation industry has been making tremendous strides. Automated support has become an integral part of the translation industry. Should we follow suit?

This article was published in Tekstblad in December 2015. Tekstblad is a publication of the Dutch Professional Copywriter Association, Tekstnet. Click here to read the full article (Dutch only).

Authors: Marcel Uljee, freelance copywriter, Uljee Teksten & Guus Visser, owner, Vitext

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